Cara Saleryeah - "Never Business Always Personal" available now!

Posted by George Peterson on

"Never met a bodega that I didn’t fall in love with. It’s comfort. Grabbing the same shit day in day out. Loyal. Reliable. Knows exactly how I like it. If that's not love what is? There’s a lot of pain and struggle in the everyday business of life; but where there is pain, there is beauty. It’s all beautiful. I think a lot of artists got a lot of shit to say, but I ain’t got shit to say. That’s my point exactly. I’m just shouting out my tall white socks for holding some folded up 20s, baggies, a house key; I couldn’t of made it back into my bed safely without ‘em. That’s all."

Cara Saleryeah's "Never Business Always Personal" is 25 pages of illustrations in tribute to the everyday objects, people and places we know and love. Available now for free/pay-what-you-want download. 

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